Bagdiken Technology is an engineering and trading company based in Turkey. Since 2010, the compnay staff, which has been working under different headings and sectors has decided to continue its work under name BAGDIKEN TECHNOLOGY in 2021.

BAGDIKEN TECHNOLOGY studies R&D projects in many domain such as software, electronics, mechanics and industrial design.

Apart from independent R&D works, consultancy, design and prototyping services to engineering projects in various disciplines are also among the important operations of the company.


Software Development

Web, Server, and Embedded software; As simple, stable and powerful, we are able to produce for many platforms.

Product Development

In general; we design and document mechanical, electronic and software projects.

Manufacturing / Prototyping

We manage and carry out machining, molding, composite and similar issues.

Electronic Commerce

Apart from our own products and imported representative products, we also manage the digital market process of your products.


We consult with our expert business partners on software, electronics, mechanics, composites, modeling, manufacturing, prototyping.

Project Management

We bring together the human resources and other resources necessary for your product, ensure that everything is fine and report to you in detail.